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Tinyplanet Consulting is proud to sponsor Team Stingray's combat robots.


Orca photo Orca photo SolidWorks
The record so far for this lightweight (60 pound) machine in RFL competition is 11 wins, 8 losses, 1 tie. Orca competed at the Battle Beach RFL events in 2003 and 2004. Orca also won the lightweight rumble at the first RFL Nationals in 2003. The photo on the right shows later revisions to Orca, with simplified and strengthened main armor, wheel armor, a lighter lifting arm package, and other improvements. This machine was designed on a computer using SolidWorks.

Robot For Sale (Sold!)

bot photo
This robot was built in 2002 just to be sold. After it won the Dragon*Con 2002 Royal Rumble, it found a buyer. More info.

Death Ray

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Death Ray as configured for the Robot Battles 2001 50 pound class.

Death Ray with upgrades for the BattleBots 4.0 lightweight division.

Death Ray in September 2002, ready for Dragon*Con

Death Ray competed at Dragon*Con 2001's Robot Battle and BattleBots seasons 4.0 and 5.0, as well as the SECR Farm Fight 2002. It took second place in the 60 pound category at Dragon*Con 2002.

Video of Death Ray in action, May 2002: self righting, self righting the other way, flipping a 75 pound weight


Neptune was a 280 pound robot which competed at BattleBots Treasure Island in May 2001.

Neptune Video

This video shows some of Neptune's components in action, including the pneumatic cannon, and the drive train/frame prototype. Created in January 2001, it should give you some idea of Neptune's capabilities.

Images from the video

Download video in Quicktime/Sorensen format, 8 megabytes
Download video in MPEG-1 format, 8.5 megabytes

Video produced by Marc A. Donis
Created with iMovie

Stingray 2

Stingray 2 competed at Dragon*Con 2000's Robot Battle. It features a lifting arm and some very nasty steel spikes. This 'bot is powered by 2 windshield wiper motors. The frame is aluminum.

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